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To transfer, use the simple service of our partner, which allows you to make transfers from more than 80 countries!

1. Go to, press the "Sing Up" and go through a simple registration using your phone number.

2. Create a "New transfer" and select the "Paysend Link" method.



3. In the line "Phone number"

    enter the number +79166874378
    In the column "Comment" enter YOU 

    email address.

    Next, the card number with which

    you want to pay.

4. In the line "Amount" enter

    the cost of the selected package:
   30 Days - 14,99 €
   90 Days - 35,99 €
   180 Days - 59,95 €
   And click "Continue"


That's all! :) During the day, a link will come to your mail with access to the VIP Channel.


P.S. If you do not want to pay

a transfer fee, just click "Reduce fee"

and enter our code: 003cqw

Thank you for your interest in our content!

by Egoiste WC


To do this, just take a few simple steps:

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